The Gate of Heaven

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The book chapter by chapter:

Front Matter

Chapter I: An Awakening

Chapter II: The Eye of Faith

Chapter III: I Sight the Gate

Chapter IV: Omra Explains My Position

Chapter V: A Vision and Its Sequel

Chapter VI: A Verdict of Revelation

Chapter VII: Omra’s First Lesson

Chapter VIII: I Meet Walloo-Malie

Chapter IX: Faith’s Supreme Test

Chapter X: The Living Temple

Chapter XI: More New Friends

Chapter XII: Does God Answer Prayer?

Chapter XIII: The Heaven and the Earth

Chapter XIV: A Word of Caution and Hope

Chapter XV: Concerning Spiritual Intercourse

Chapter XVI: The Fourth Dimension—”Thereth”

Chapter XVII: A Fearful Awakening

Chapter XVIII: Crossing the Bridge

Chapter XLX: In the Garden at the Gate

Chapter XX: Insignificant Omnipotence

Chapter XXI: Clarice

Chapter XXII: A Talk with Eilele

Chapter XXIII: The Hero of Bozrah